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At Salmestone Primary School, we aim to foster skilful, inquisitive scientists who learn to appreciate, understand and develop a deep curiosity of the world and beyond. We offer an ambitious, inclusive and inspiring curriculum that provides children with opportunities to question, explore and challenge scientific thinking through practical investigations and enquiry. As a result of our curriculum, we want our children to develop a passion for science and an understanding of the impact that the subject can have on their own lives, their community and the wider world.


Class teachers use the ‘PZAZ’ science scheme of work to prepare weekly lessons, giving the teaching and learning of science the prominence it deserves as a core subject. Within science lessons, children develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding of the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as set out by the National Curriculum.


Crucially, PZAZ’s units are organised by the National Curriculum’s ‘Working Scientifically’ statements to ensure that children secure the disciplinary knowledge they need to develop into skilful scientists through investigation, observation and enquiry.. Our long term plan, progression of knowledge and progression of skills details the journey the children will take through the science curriculum, ensuring that all children utilise and expand their scientific understanding as they progress through the school.


We endeavour to ensure that the Science curriculum we provide will give children the confidence and motivation to continue to further develop their skills into the next stage of their education, Key Stage 3, and it is our hope that many of our children will pursue successful STEM careers in the future.

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