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The Mathematics teaching and learning at Salmestone Primary School are founded on a mastery approach.

Our goal is for children at Salmestone to develop a profound understanding of concepts that enables them to solve new problems in unfamiliar contexts.

Our curriculum is structured around the pedagogical principles known as the 'Dimensions of Depth':

  • Conceptual Understanding

  • Mathematical Thinking

  • Language and Communication

These principles empower children to gain confidence in mathematical problem-solving, providing them with a robust foundation in mathematical knowledge for their transition to secondary school and beyond.

We collaborate closely with Mathematics Mastery to facilitate strong professional development. This collaboration is guided by research, informing best practices and ensuring excellence for all our students at Salmestone.

Fluency at Salmestone

At Salmestone Primary School, we emphasise the importance of mastering times tables as a foundational skill that supports learning across various mathematical concepts. Regular practice of times tables is crucial for embedding this knowledge in the children's long-term memory.

We encourage children to practise their times tables both at home and school consistently. All students in Year 3-6 have access to Times Table Rock Stars, while those in Year 1-2 have access to Num Bots. These platforms allow children to log in from home and engage in interactive and enjoyable practice sessions.

The links for websites can be accessed below:

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