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Geography is the study of our world and covers the study of people (human geography), environments (physical geography) and how they interact. It helps us understand the world we live in by learning about different features of our planet and how they work, form and



At Salmestone Primary School, we believe that learning about geography is an important part of a successful curriculum. Firstly, it helps children develop their sense of place within the world by starting with their local area and then expanding to include more distant and diverse locations.


Secondly, learning about the variety and importance of different environments aims to foster an appreciation for the people and places of our world. Teaching children about their role within the world aims to develop them into global citizens who are equipped with knowledge about how to care for their planet and the people who live on it.


Finally, children will learn to understand places by interpreting sources including maps, data and photographs.


We believe that learning about geography is a vital part of a well-rounded education and we are committed to providing a rich and engaging geography curriculum that will inspire our pupils to develop a love of learning about our world.

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