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History is the study of people and events from the past and the impact they have had on the world we live in today. It helps us understand how societies and civilisations have developed over time, and how events and people have shaped Britain, and the wider world, as we know it today. 


At Salmestone Primary School, we believe that learning about history is an important part of a successful curriculum. Firstly, it helps pupils develop a strong sense of chronology and an understanding of the past. This is key to developing a sense of identity and understanding of where they fit into the world.


Secondly, studying history helps pupils to develop children’s critical thinking skills. Pupils are encouraged to ask questions and think deeply about the sources and evidence presented to them. They learn how to weigh up different perspectives and draw conclusions from the evidence they are given.


Finally, history helps pupils to develop an appreciation for different cultures and ways of life. As pupils study different periods in history, they learn about the beliefs, customs and traditions of people from around the world.


We believe that learning about history is a vital part of a well-rounded education and we are committed to providing a rich and engaging history curriculum that will inspire our pupils to develop a love of learning about the past.

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