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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a computer program that helps teachers manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice.


It encourages children to read books at the right reading level for them to develop their independence, fluency and understanding.

AR is designed to bridge the gap between early phonics and early reading to a more fluent and established reader.

Once a pupil has picked a book and they have finished reading it, they can take a short quiz on a computer, either at school or at home. Passing the quiz is an indication that they have understood what they have read.

Accelerated Reader provides teachers feedback based on the quiz results, which allows them to further support pupils with their reading and understanding. 

AR is specifically designed to help improve a child’s reading comprehension skills and to promote reading for pleasure. 

How it works:

Children take a Star Reader Assessment on a computer at school. The results of this test determine each individual child’s ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development). The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) defines the readability range within which pupils should read to best develop their reading, while avoiding frustration.

Pupils complete a Star Reader Assessment on a termly basis (6 times a year) so that teachers can track progress and the ZPD ranges for their class. Teachers regularly inform children of their new ZPD range so they can choose books from within their range.

Teachers will also communicate a child’s ZPD range in their reading record, as well as on an individual basis when they are read with. Teachers aim to read with every child in their class on a 1:1 basis each week during daily reading practise.

If a child has a reading ZPD for example between 3.4 – 5.6, it means they can read any book labelled within this range.

The lower the number the more comfortable it will be for the child to read; the higher the number the more challenging the books become for that child within their ZPD.

Children may select a reading book from either the book corner in their classroom or from the school library. Each class is timetabled a weekly slot to visit the library where there are a wider variety of books to choose from.

Children then take their book home to read. Reading records should be filled in and returned to school every day. A child will bring their reading record in and get it signed by their class teacher or teaching assistant.

Teachers track home reading and may provide incentives for pupils in their class to read more often at home.  There are also many other rewards for the children to earn, such as a ‘Reader of the Week’ certificate which is handed out in Celebration Assembly each week.

Once the book has been read, pupils login to the AR website and take a short quiz on the book they have finished. The quiz is not a memory test so the children must have their book with them as they take the quiz so they can refer back to it as often as they would like.

The results from the quizzes, and from other reading assessments completed by the children, provide teachers with a great deal of information that they can use to inform their teaching and learning.

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