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Senior Leadership Team

Mr Platten - Headteacher

Mrs Cooper - Deputy Headteacher

Mr More - Business Manager

Mrs Bracey - SENCO & Inclusion Lead


Family and SEN team

Miss A Johncock - SEN & Family Assistant

Mrs C Anderson - SEN & Family Assistant


Pennines Class (Base Campers)

Miss Chesher-Brazier, Miss Gleeson- Nursery Nurse


Highlands Class (Highlanders)

Mrs Scott, Mrs Saunders and Miss Courtney


Year 1

Pyrenees Class (Pioneers)

Miss Albon, Mrs Entwhistle-Lewis


Year 2

Atlas Class (Atlasians)

Class teacher, Mrs Galbraith


Year 3

Rockies Class (Rockers)

Class Teacher, Miss James-Glowinski

Year 4

Alps Class (Alpians)

Mr Oldfield, Ms East


Year 5

Andres Class (Andeans)

Mrs Powles, Mrs Grant


Year 6
Himalayas Class (Himalayans/Summiters)
Mrs Corcoran, Mr Good and Mrs Yates, Mrs Thain

HLTA- Mrs Thain & Mrs Grant

Additional TAs- Mrs Adams & Miss Padfield

Admin/Finance- Mrs Danton & Mrs Williams

Marketing Manager- Mrs Wood

Site Manager- Mr Leeding

Midday Meals Supervisors- Mrs Smith, Mr Smith, Mrs Pottle, Mrs Le Baigue, Miss Tappenden

Site Team- Mr Smith, Mrs Smith, Mrs Wyatt, Mrs Le Baigue, Miss Williams, Miss Holland, Miss Lumborg

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