School Meals

School Meals

School meals at Salmestone

We are pleased to welcome Chartwells into Salmestone to provide our school meals.

Please see below for their latest menu.


During the morning registration, the children are asked what they are having for lunch – a simple response of “packed lunch” or “school dinner” is needed.

Parent Pay

Cashless schools are safer for everyone in these unprecedented times.

As we return to school we would like to make everyone aware that Salmestone is going cash free.

Parent Pay is easy to use, compatible with most devices, can be topped up via debit card or paypoint and will allow you to pay for school dinners whenever it’s convenient (not just during office hours)

Please see the video below for a quick overview.

For more information please see the parent pay website.

Packed lunches

Children choosing packed lunch, are asked to bring in their packed lunch and leave it on their year group trolley, outside the dining hall. Please make sure their lunch boxes/bags are well labelled with their names. (For some great ideas for packed lunches, click here)

Universal Infant Free school Meals for Key stage 1

As of September 2014, all key stage one pupils attending schools in the United Kingdom are entitled to free, cooked school meals. This is called Universal Infant Free School Meals and is an automatic entitlement that you do not need to apply for. If your child would prefer a packed lunch, they may bring their own from home.

Please see the information below about Free School Meals. If you meet the criteria for Free School Meals we strongly encourage all parents to apply, as this results in additional funding for the school. (Applying for Free School Meals will not affect your entitlement to Universal Infant Free School Meals in any way).

Applying for Free School Meals

You may be entitled to free school meals for your child. The quickest and easiest way to apply for school meals is online. Alternatively if you can’t apply online, please download the paper application form or collect one from the school office. KCC will notify you once your application has been assessed.

For each pupil in receipt of free school meals, the school receives additional funding called Pupil Premium. Therefore it is imperative that all parents who are eligible for free school meals apply, regardless of whether your child actually has a school dinner or a home packed lunch.

Please click HERE to apply for Free School Meals online.

Please click HERE for a Free School Meals Application Form.

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