The Salmestone Passport – Our Intent

In designing our curriculum we reflected upon, ‘What do our children need to be successful’?

Our children need to have developed a range of skills across the curriculum that will help them face the challenges of everyday life. They need resilience, perseverance and problem solving skills.

We have created our own unique curriculum based on subject key skills that are explored through key philosophical questions.

For example a year group might explore the question, ‘Water – Is it a saviour or a killer?’ Through this theme, learning can cover many aspects such as water-safety, the RNLI, exploration, trade, sports, -marine life, irrigation & farming, leisure and commercial shipping and much much more…

To find out what each year group’s key question is and what they are learning about, select the year groups below.

Curriculum Implementation

In order to ensure that learning in every subject is sequenced appropriately, we have implemented a Progression Document.  This ensures that learning is staged and builds upon prior knowledge and skills. Each subject is planned so the knowledge is built into the long-term memory of pupils. The knowledge and skills are transferable between subjects and is carefully sequenced to build upon prior knowledge and to stretch and extend each individual pupil. The key knowledge and skills are assessed through the ‘Big question’ which is provided to the children at the start of every theme and draws upon a number of subjects. The children are then expected to recall their knowledge and respond to the ‘Big Question’. The progress of the children is teaching children to know more and remember more.

Curriculum Impact

As a school, we ensure that we track children’s progress in all subjects. We believe this is important because every child is brilliant at something and deserves the chance to receive feedback, make progress and experience opportunities to deepen their learning in all subjects

Should you require further information about the curriculum offered at Salmestone Primary School, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Main School Office.

Children’s learning is celebrated in their Salmestone Passport. This is an actual passport sized book in which children log significant learning activities and this goes with them through their time with us.

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