Year 4

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Year 4

Year 4 went to the seafront where they sketched an image of the landscape looking at the Turner Contemporary and the pier. 



Zoolab visited Year 4. The children were able to handle a range of animals and creepy crawlies!


Grown ups joined with us to take part in a range of wacky experiments. We had great fun – and made a lot of mess!


Year 4’s trip to the beach to collect sea water for our filtering lessons in science and topic



Year 4 made a model after they had learnt about the different stages of a water cycle.


World Book Day!


The Giraffes were very busy (and rather noisy)! They have been using their knowledge of soundwaves and vibrations to make musical instruments out of junk.

As an end of term treat, the children in Giraffe Class had juicy watermelon slices. Some of them trying it for the first time! 


Year 4 science is exciting and practical. The have re-creating the human stomach and digesting food as well as making their own jaws to show the different types of teeth.

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