Year 3

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Year 3

Year 3 took part in a new event for sports – orienteering. 13 children represented the school in the event which was held at Ursuline college.

Children had to work in teams to identify where various markers were placed and answer questions. The first team to find all ten markers did so in a time of 20 minutes. The children worked really well together, practicing great team work and were great ambassadors for the school.

Year 3 completed a science investigation to look at whether we can control our heart rate. Children ran for increasing amounts of time, checking their pulse periodically. After this, they took our pulses at regular intervals as they rested to observe how their heart rate slowed down. They noticed their breathing was heavier as they took in more oxygen whilst exercising and the amount of perspiration the created increased!

Both Mr Marsh and Mr Davies would like to thank all the parents and carers that took time out of their busy schedules to come and see the children perform their assembly. The children have worked extremely hard and it was rewarding to see so many people make the effort to see them. We especially thank those parents that joined in the singing!

Year 3 are preparing to write a non-chronological report about animals. To help them with their research, Scott from Pets at Home came in with Flip and Flop the rabbits, two guinea pigs and Skittles the hamster. Scott and Mrs Davies then spoke to children to tell them all about the different animals; what care they need; where they are found; what they can eat and lots lots more. Children then had a chance to hold and stoke the animals before they had to go back home!

As part of our themed learning question “humans and animals. Equal rights for all?” we went to the Powell-Cotton museum to learn more about animals and natural history. Children were given the opportunity to handle various artefacts including a rhino’s tooth and a leopard skin; they were then treated to a museum safari looking at the hundreds of animals kept within the museum. The children learned a great deal and were able to put their new found knowledge to work quickly in their English writing.

Lemurs looked at the book ‘One is a snail, 10 is a crab’ and used this to conduct an investigation into how many different ways there were to make a total number.  They quickly learnt that 10 is not simply 5+5, it could be 20-10, 100 divided by 10, 5+1+1+1+2 and so on. The children had great fun with this maths investigation. It was fantastic to see so many amazing costumes!

Year 3 were lucky enough to receive a visit from Jo at Dogs Trust. Jo came in to talk to us about how to look after dogs; what they need and what we would need to provide for them. The children had great fun learning about the evolution of dogs and different dog breeds before learning to scan for a microchip. Children finally finished with being allowed to stroke Paddy who had also come in.

Year 3 started their latest project based on the question ‘Water: Essential resource or natural killer?’
It started with creating posters to advertise the titanic.

To introduce our new non-fiction text, Lemurs had a lesson looking at discussion. We set up a court room and put the big bad wolf on trial – accused of trying to kill the 3 little pigs. There was a prosecuting case and a defence case, each putting their reasons across as to why he was guilty or innocent. The jury then took a vote on the final outcome. The vote was close, with only one vote splitting the result, but the wolf was found not guilty and released!

Year three attended a Christmas service at St John’s. We were joined by Drapers and Holy Trinity. Our songs were: we three kings, away in a manger and little donkey. The children did themselves and the school very proud!
Y3 have prepared a tree for the Christmas Tree festival at St John’s.

We were inspired by Vincent Van Gough’s starry night painting. We looked at the techniques and materials he had used and did our very best to make ours as close to the original as possible.

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