Year 2

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Year 2

The year 2 children replicated seed dispersal by using paper gyrocopters to act as sycamore seeds.  These were launched by Mrs Entwistle out of an upstairs window and the children were very excited to see which one traveled the furthest.  Amy-Louise was the winner because hers traveled over 20 metres.  Well done Amy-Louise!


The Tigers  – all dressed up for World Book Day!


The children in year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Christopher Columbus, Native Americans and the New World as part of their themed learning “Friends or Foes?”  Did you know that Christopher Columbus was trying to find China when he accidentally ventured into Americas?  The children tried to map out a voyage for Columbus to follow for both his trips to China and America using compass directions and a grid.  Tigers and Pandas would make fabulous explorers but we are not so sure about eating ‘bone and water’ stews on long journeys!


Year 2 have been learning about different techniques used in art around the world. They really enjoyed experimenting in the style of Beatriz Milhazes, a Brazilian artist who is known for her bright and colourful work . Tigers and Pandas used tissue paper which was then laminated to create beautiful patterns and imagery. These masterpieces looked even better when held up against the light.

The children in year 2 had great fun creating some green slime!  They imagined it was something rather unattractive belonging to a giant with a heavy cold!  Needless to say, great fun was had by all and everyone was soon in the mood to read ‘Jim and the Giant’ as their focus text.

The Tigers demonstrating their actions they created for the instructions of ‘How to catch a run-away Oompa-Loompa’.  The children worked hard to teach each other memorable ways of recalling the text through fun and sometimes flamboyant actions.
Year 2 enjoyed dressing up as super heroes for Children in Need.

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