Year 1

Welcome to The Lions & The Elephants

Year 1

Children in Year 1 were visited by Zoolab and loved meeting the animals and creepy crawlies!



Easter Fun!



Year Group Assembly



Year 1 went on an exciting adventure to Wildwood. They had great fun learning about the animals and even had a quick play on the slides.



Elephants really enjoyed having an extra playtime due to winning Busters in KS1 this week. The amount of time read at home is collected and the Elephants had read the most!



The Lions looking good for World Book Day.



As part of National Book Week, the school were visited by ‘Book Man!’. Year 1 enjoyed their workshop with him.



Year 1 learnt about when it is safe to stroke a dog and when it is not, how we should roll into a hedgehog ball if a dog knocks us over, stand still if a dog runs at us and not to take food from a dog. 



In Science, Year 1 had great fun carrying out an experiment to see why objects float in the sea.



Mental health day – we talked about being hungry and full. How eating well helps to keep us healthy and happy. The importance of eating breakfast so that we are happy and ready to learn.


Year 1 discussed not giving our details out online or talking to people because we don’t know who they are.


Year 1 designed their cake decorations and made wonderful, edible delights!


Year one held a Porchlight charity afternoon tea. The children and their families coloured in their houses, decorated biscuits and enjoyed some delicious cakes and biscuits. 

The families have taken the houses home to fill with pennies, when their houses are full they will bring them back to school and we will send the money off to the Porchlight to ‘help make Christmas brighter for homeless people in Kent’.  


We celebrated having 100% attendance with a special party!


Year 1 have made an eggbox Christmas Tree for the St John’s Christmas Tree festival. Our Trees will be on display at St John’s church.


Year 1 took part in pond dipping, plant tasting and different coloured leaves collage making. The children were allowed to pick and taste plants from the forest garden, everything was edible. They were allowed to explore plants, trees and bushes, feeling, smelling and picking the leaves and branches.
It was really good and we are planning on going back in the summer for a picnic and to explore the summer fruits.


Year 1 have been running events to learn about Road Safety. They have learnt songs, made posters and had a themed dressing up day. This is really important for our COMMUNITY as we have some busy roads near the school and we want our children to know how to cross them safely.


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