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Values and Ethos


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At Salmestone, we believe firmly that all children should be ambitious. In accordance with best practice, teachers aim high, and encourage all children who attend Salmestone to hold the highest expectations of themselves. Our aim is to ensure that all children push themselves to the maximum, fully realizing their academic potential. We believe that this leads not only to a continuing raise in academic standards, but is also empowering our pupils with a sense of pride and self-belief, greatly raising their level of well-being. 




Relationships at Salmestone are founded upon the principal of mutual respect. We treat pupils with kindness and respect; we expect this kindness and respect to be returned; and finally, our school expects pupils to hold the value of respect firmly in mind, as they go about building positive relationships with each other. By applying these principles consistently, we ensure that we build a learning environment in which every child can feel safe, secure and know that they will are highly valued as an individual.




We highly value the development of pupils' confidence and sense of self-belief. We encourage every single one of our pupils to achieve the very best that they can, and to take a real sense of pride in their achievements, in each and every lesson. We believe confidence can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. We build children up, so that they are able to see themselves in the most positive light possible, make rapid progress, raise their self-esteem and continue to thrive and excel, as happy independent learners


We celebrate children's achievements by rewarding them consistently, with wrist bands,  'Smiley's and certificates, awarded with applause in weekly celebration assemblies.