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We have a school uniform at Salmestone which we encourage children to wear at all times. The uniform is practical and comfortable and gives the children a sense of belonging to the school.

The school colour is royal blue and the uniform is as follows:


Boys Girls
Grey/black trousers or shorts  Salmestone kilt or black trousers, or blue checked dress
Button-up white shirt  Button-up white shirt
Salmestone Royal blue school sweatshirt  Salmestone Royal blue school sweatshirt or cardigan
Blue school tie  Blue school tie
Smart black shoes with sensible heels   Smart black shoes with sensible heels
Plain coloured white/grey/black socks  Plain coloured white/grey/black socks or tights


Here are two year six children,

modeling our lovely uniforms.


Most items of school uniform are available from the Schoolwear centre in Margate, Addington Road.

It is essential that all clothing brought to school is clearly marked with your child’s name, this makes
tracing lost or misplaced items much easier.


We do not allow children to wear jewellery in school. If your child has pierced ears they should wear plain studs. Earrings must be removed for PE and games lesson, children need to remove their own earring. A watch may be worn by KS2 pupils.


Children are not allowed nail varnish in school. We kindly ask you to ensure that children do not come wearing any.