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Headteacher Mr N. Pantling
Deputy Headteacher Mrs S. Clarke-Kray

Assistant Headteacher for Key stage 2,

Designated Safeguarding lead

Mrs H. Cooper

Assistant Headteacher for E.Y.F.S.

& Key stage 1

Miss E. Capon



Year Class Teacher Additional info Teaching Assistants
6 Wombat Miss E. Moore Phase leader for upper Key stage 2, English lead


 Mr D. Turner

  Wallaby Mr T. Arnold Maths lead, Web manager, Online safety officer Mrs E. Hamp
5 Squirrel Miss I. Vince Geography lead

Miss L. Georgiou


  Fox Miss S. Burbridge Science lead

Mrs J. Thain (Hlta)

Mrs A. East

4 Sea Turtle Mrs C. Yates M.F.L. lead

Mrs H. Grant


  Octopus Mr M. Oldfield I.T and Computing lead Mrs J. Coates
3 Howler Monkey Mrs T. May 

English  lead

Mrs G. Galbraith


  Orangutang Mrs H. Fassam History lead

Miss C. Carrington

2 Lynx

Mrs V. Lloyd

Mrs H. Dolan

Maths lead

Mrs S. Saunders (Hlta)

Miss J. Barker

Mrs H. Dolan

Art lead

Mrs C. Holton

Mrs K. Entwistle

1 Giraffe Mrs J. Freeman 

Music lead


Miss K. Mills

  Penguin Miss A. Coombs 

D.T. lead

Miss C. McDaid

Miss C. Ramos 

R Lamb Mrs E. Kerrigan

Phase leader for E.Y.F.S.

S.M.S.C. , P.S.H.E. and

British values lead

Mrs J. Paskell

Mrs. N Smith

  Piglet Mrs J. Willis


Miss C. Lee

Nursery Duckling Miss J. Gleeson Art lead

Mrs C. Wood

Teaching assistants are often shared throughout the their year group,

and therefore are not necessarily class-based.




P.E. and Sports Teacher  Mr G. Marsh
Music Teacher  Mr G. Smith
Pastoral Manager, Designated Safeguarding lead Mrs E. Marlow (Lis)
Behavioural support Mrs M. Rowe
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator  Miss J. Duncan
Technician and Network Manager Mr K. Chaggar
Business Manager   Mr D. More
Office Administrators

Mrs L. Williams

Mrs S. Danton

Midday Meal Supervisors

Miss M. Scholes (Play leader)

Miss L. Dobbyn
Mrs P. Dollery
Miss K. Pottle
Mrs P. Smith
Mrs C. Tappenden
Ms L. Lebaigue
Mrs S. Martins

Mr J. Smith

Site manager

Mr T. Leading

Site Staff

Mr I. Davis
Mr J. Smith
Mrs P. Smith

Miss C. Scholes

Miss L. Kelly










Picture 1 Mr N. Pantling - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs S. Clark-Kray - Deputy Headteacher
Picture 3 Mrs H. Cooper - Assistant Head & Safeguarging lead
Picture 4 Miss E. Capon - Assistant headteacher
Picture 5 Mrs E Marlow - Pastoral Manager, Safeguarding lead
Picture 6 Mrs M. Rowe - Behavioural support
Picture 7 Mrs H. Dolan - KS1 Teacher
Picture 8 Mr G. Marsh - P.E.and Games Teacher
Picture 9 Mr B. Dickson - Place 2 Be manager
Picture 10 Miss J. Gleeson - Nursery Teacher
Picture 11 Mrs J. Williams - E.Y.F.S. Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs E. Kerrigan - E.Y.F.S teacher and Phase leader
Picture 13 Miss A. Coombs - Year 1 Teacher
Picture 14 Mrs J. Freeman - Year 1 Teacher
Picture 15 Mrs V. Lloyd - Year 2 Teacher
Picture 16 Miss J. Barker - Year 2 Teacher
Picture 17 Mrs H. Fassam - Year 3 Teacher
Picture 18 Mrs T. May - Year 3 Teacher
Picture 19 Miss I. Vince - Year 5 Teacher
Picture 20 Mr T. Arnold - Year 6 teacher and web manager
Picture 21 Mrs J. Thain - Higher Level Teaching Assisstant
Picture 22 Mrs S. Saunders - Higher Level Teaching Assisstant
Picture 23 Miss C. Lee - E.Y.F.S. Teaching Assistant
Picture 24 Mrs C. Wood - E.Y.F.S Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Mrs N. Smith - E.Y.F.S Teaching Assistant
Picture 26 Mrs J. Paskell - E.Y.F.S Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Mrs K. Mills - Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Picture 28 Miss C. McDaid - Year 1Teaching Assistant
Picture 29 Miss C. Ramos - Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Picture 30 Mrs K. Entwistle - Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Picture 31 Miss C Carrington - Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Picture 32 Mrs C. Holton - Year 3 Teaching Assisstant
Picture 33 Mrs J. Coates - Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Picture 34 Mrs A. East - Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Picture 35 Miss L. Georgiou - Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Picture 36 Mr D. Turner - Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Picture 37 Mrs E. Hamp - Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Picture 38 Mr I. Davies - Site support
Picture 39 Mrs L. Williams - Office Administrator
Picture 40 Miss. M. Scholes - Play leader
Picture 41 Miss L. Dobbyn - Midday Meal Supervisor
Picture 42 Mrs S. Martins - Midday Meal Supervisor
Picture 43 Mrs C. Tappenden - Midday Meal Supervisor
Picture 44 Mr J. Smith - Midday Meal Supervisor
Picture 45 Miss K. Pottle - Midday Meal Supervisor
Picture 46 Mrs P. Dollery - Midday Meal Supervisor
Picture 47 Mrs L. Lebaigue - Midday Meal Supervisor
Picture 48 Mrs P. Smith - Midday Meal Supervisor