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Class Teacher: Mrs Catherine Yates
Teaching Assistant: Miss Isobel Curry


Welcome to Osprey's Class web page, here you will be able to keep up to date with what our hard-working year fives are doing in school. We hope you have as much fun looking through as we do in lessons!

Term 3


This term we are centering our work around Ancient Greek myths and culture. We will be looking at the Ancient Greeks during Topic and thinking about the impact that they still have on our lives today. For example, the children have been comparing Ancient Greek and modern democracy and deciding which is fairest.


We have used this theme as inspiration for our Talk 4 Writing text, we have learnt Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief as our model of excellence and are looking forward to writing our own journey tales. After that, we will be beginning a non-fiction unit.


In Maths, we have been focusing on 'Shape, Space and Measure'. The children have been enjoying the opportunity to get 'hands on'. We have also enjoyed weekly experiments for our new Science unit on 'Materials and their Properties'.

Percy Jackson Story Map

Percy Jackson Story Map 1

Anglo-Saxon Day


To celebrate the end of our Anglo-Saxon topic we had an Anglo-Saxon Day! The children had the chance to compete in Anglo-Saxon Masterchef, judged by the one and only...drumroll... Mr Pantling! We also played Anglo-Saxon games, decipher runes and finally had a battle for the crown on the playground. Harald Hadrada, King of Norway, won our battle; defeating William of Normandy, Edgar the Atheling and Harold Godwinson - just imagine how this would have changed the course of history!


Term 2


This term, our title is 'Anglo-Saxons and Vikings'. We have centered all our work around our text 'Beowulf'.


In English, at the moment, we are writing a defeating the monster tale.


In Maths, our focus is on Fractions. 


In Science, we are now looking at plants and animals and their life cycles. 





Term 1 in Osprey class

Term 1 in Osprey class 1 These are our RAG words.
Term 1 in Osprey class 2 We use our Maths working wall to help us.
Term 1 in Osprey class 3 Look at all the good examples of writing.
Term 1 in Osprey class 4 We located all the Wonders of the World on the map

In Term 1, our topic was 'What an Amazing Find'. We centered all our work around this, looking at Skellig in English and the Wonders of the World in Topic. 


In English, the children wrote finding tales around the discovery of Skellig in the garage. They then went on to write a discussion text about whether or not Michael should tell his parents. The children were able to use Skellig to help inspire their own writing.


In Maths, the children have been focusing on place value, decimals, standard written methods, problem solving and  fractions. They have worked hard to learn all these methods and are trying hard to use them in different contexts. 


Within Science, our topic has been 'That's Life'. The children have looked closely at the growth of humans and have focused on the changes that occur at each stage. 


Within Topic, the children have enjoyed finding out about Natural and Man Made Wonders of the World. They were able to locate them on a World map and enjoyed sketching and creating sculptures. 


Thank you to all who completed the Topic Homework. The creations were a true delight to see and I could see how much the children had enjoyed spending time creating them.