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Medicine in school


At Salmestone School we recognise that at times children are well enough to be at school but may require medication. We are happy to support parents with this providing a medication form has been completed giving permission to administer the medicine and information about when and dosage. Prescription medicine must have a label with the child’s name and dosage on. You will receive a slip informing you of times and dosage of the medicine when you collect your child at the end of the day.

Medication forms are available from the school office.

If your child needs an inhaler, please inform the school office who will give you a form so that this can be administered appropriately. The inhaler will be kept in the child’s classroom.

No medicines should be brought to school by the children, they should be brought in by an adult and handed in at the school office.


Please note: The text above was for academic year 2015-16. Procedures are currently being reviewed, so please check this page soon for updates.