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Governing body

The Governing Body of Salmestone Primary School


Governors are volunteers who work in partnership with the Headteacher and Leadership Team to ensure that children receive the best education possible.

Governors represent the largest volunteer group in the UK and are selected from a variety of backgrounds to reflect the many interest groups within the school.


Meet the Governors


Name Role Date appointed Term of office Business/ Financial interests Personal interests Experience Governance roles at other institutions Attendance 2016/17
Sherry Underwood Governor May 2016 3 years none 3 grandchildren attend Salmestone 23 years as school business manager none 1/1
Brian Marson Governor Dec 2015 3 years none none First role on an L.G.B. none 1/1
Jo Freeman Staff governor September 2015



none none Formerly part of a P.T.F.A. none 1/1
Nasir Huzure Parent governor



3 years none 2 children attend Salmestone 

Formerly a Governor


none 1/1
Samantha Danton Clerk to Governing body September 2009 ongoing n/a n/a n/a none 1/1
Patricia Childs Govenor Jan 2016 3 years None 2 children attend Salmestone  First role on LGB none 1/1



Governor Pen Profiles


Sherry Underwood

I worked in banking before becoming a school manger, where I worked for 23 years before retiring earlier this year. I am passionate that children should receive the best education possible to provide them with a stable foundation with which to move on to secondary school. 


Brian Mason

I was formerly a Captain and Superintendant. Having spend 41 years at sea I am now enjoying retirement.


Jo Freeman


I am one of Salmestone's E.Y.F.S. Reception teachers. I have three older children who have left

home and are pursuing their careers. I have very strong links with my family and enjoy looking after my two gorgeous grandchildren. I have been working at Salmestone for three years and I fully support the journey we are on. I am Art and Music lead and am heavily involved with the Turner Gallery on the Art Inspire project. I also run the school choir.


Nasir Huzure

My wife and I have four children, two of them are currently at Salmestone, whilst my eldest two have now left and moved on to secondary school. I am proud to continue to serve as a parent Govenor.

Mrs Samantha






Governors' Responsibilities & Scheme of delegation


The core principles of the new revised Scheme of Delegation are:

  1. The earned autonomy of the LGB remains sacrosanct as the principle driver of accountability and governance.
  2. Mechanisms are clearly established within the new Scheme of Delegation to put in place alternative arrangements for governance where LGBs are either ineffectual or where recruitment of high calibre governors cannot be made.
  3. Different models of governance will operate in different areas providing they are successful in their core purpose of driving up standards and holding Head teachers to account for the progress and attainment of their pupils.
  4. These variations will be encouraged and developed largely through the Regional Advisory Boards (RABs), the role of which is set out in some detail in the new Scheme of Delegation. This role is to present a practical localised framework for collaborative and creative ways of making real the TKAT vision of outstanding education for all of its students/pupils. It is not an extra layer of bureaucracy or a management or monitoring tool, but it will at its best drive progress powerfully precisely because it carries the seal of approval of all the LGBs via the Chairs representing them on these RABs.
  5. The performance management of head teachers will be led by the Chair of the LGB assisted by the Regional Director.



Contact the Governing Body

Please use this form to contact the clerk to the Governing body - Mrs S. Danton, who will manage your request accordingly and forward it to any governor you wish.